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      I recently recieved a bell that was mounted on a woodshed at my fathers family farm in the U.P. The bells dia. is about 2 1/2′ and on the yoke is C. S. Bell & Co. Hillsboro O., where the bell connects to the yoke is a #4. The bell is mounted on two a-frames and it looks like a arm was broken off one side that i assume was used to ring it.
      I am wanting to bring the bell back to more of an original state, and would like to paint it a color that would be the same as when it came out of the foundry. I’m not looking to sell the bell but I don’t want to wreck it either. So, is it all right to repaint a bell or will it loose its value?
      I’m not sure where my grandfather got the bell from but if I had an idea what this type of bell was used for (other than calling in everyone from the field) I might begin to piece some kind of story together for my family. Any help on these matters would be apprecieated.

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      Since this is a cast steel bell with cast iron fittings, it is subject to rust, and its condition will deteriorate when (not if!) the rust becomes excessive.

      My opinion: It’s quite all right to paint it with a high quality rustproofing paint, in whatever color you choose. In the painted bells I’ve seen, black is the commonest color (either flat or gloss).

      A catalogue (no.908) from The C.S.Bell Co. refers to “the bronze coating that is put on to protect it from the weather”. Whatever that was, it had long since disappeared from every C.S.Bell bell that I’ve ever seen, so it is apparently impossible to determine exactly what the original appearance was.

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      Congratulations on your #4 bell in the family. We do not have the patterns for a #4 bell, which only makes your bell more of a treasure. We would also like to suggest coating your bell yearly with WD-40, if you wish to maintain the aged appearance. We paint our bells & bell parts with a high quality machinery metal in a gloss black. A coat of quality metal paint protects the surface from the elements and does not diminish the quality of the ring tone.
      Sandra Wilson
      Prindle Station Bells

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