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      I am new to this forum but have been gathering info from the many threads. I recently acquired a C.S. Bell & Co #2 farm bell, (link to photos below). It has the usual rust and corrosion for its age. I am replacing the clapper and adding a crank from Prindle Station Co, and hope to restore this bell back (or as close as possible) to its original condition. My question concerns sandblasting. Is this the preferred method for removing rust and corrosion from a cast iron bell? I want to use the most efficient and appropriate method possible in cleaning this bell. I don’t mind the elbow grease involved in wire brushing it by hand. But which ever method I end up using, I hope to retain as much of the metal material as possible before priming and painting.

      Any advice on restoration would also be greatly appreciated.

      Here is a link to pictures of my bell:

      Thanks so much,

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