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      Recently purchased a No 2 bell which I believe may be an unbranded C. S. Bell. When it arrived via FEDEX, I noticed that the clapper bolt was loose although the nut was rusted tight. Got it disassembled. Never having viewed what the bolt hole should look like, I thought I’d ask the group. See pic’s. Two different angles. Should this be welded and re-drilled to round? Should the hole be the same size as the bolt; ie: ½” bolt, ½” hole.

      There has been a lot written on this forum and elsewhere concerning “best practices” on “getting it apart.” Nowhere can I find anything of assembly, especially a torque value for the top nut, if such a thing exists? Do people use a thread locker? My presumption is that the bolt and top nut turns the bell and yoke into a single entity.

      Finally, on disassembly I noticed that the bolt was slightly crescent shaped… presumably from swinging in a loose condition. Will any modern bolt work? If yes, galvanized? Zink? Should I attempt to straighten the current bolt? Does it matter, and simply reassembly with the original bolt?

      Thank you.

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      A good metal shop can rethread that bolt. You can buy a threader that size and do it yourself ig you want to keep all original.

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      Hello rduane

      I see that your second picture has not been uploaded succesfully, because it is too large.
      The maximum file size you can upload is 512KB

      The simplest website for resizing that I have found is …

      Browse to where your picture is located
      Click Open, image will upload to picresize website
      Click Continue
      Leave all default settings as they are
      Scroll down to bottom
      In step 4 “Save As” – enter 512 in MaxFilesize box
      Click I’m Done, Resize My Picture
      Click Save to Disk
      Click Save, this will save the resized picture to your Downloads file
      You will find the picture renamed as rsz_original name

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        My fault. I did resize but wasn’t paying as close of attention as it sized down to 540k… but the other photo provided adequate visual info I believe.


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        Do I understand correctly that any metal reworking of the pictured area probably is not necessary. If yes, that is good news. I’m thinking that perhaps just a touch of round file in the sharp areas to assist in crack prevention prior reassembly. Re-threading the bolt is not an issue… well equipped for that if/when necessary. Right now the nut will run up/down the bolt without issue.

        As this is my 1st, and in the past, I tended to break things by over torquing, I still would like a guild line on how much torque to place on the nut. Aircraft and nuke missile maintenance made me a believer in following the book… even if it’s only finger tight plus ½ turn or similar instruction.

        Thanks for your reply.

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      When you mount the yoke and bolt through it, tighten the bolt to where you cannot twist the bell or turn it by hand. That way the bold will have fastened the yoke securely.

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        Thanks for your knowledge. Winter starting and still not fully completed with firewood… but do have the various parts sandblasted and primed. With a little time I’ll put the top coats on and assemble.

        Again, thanks for your time and wisdom.

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