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      Looking for any information that can be provided about an old fire alarm bell. It measures 38″ wide at the mouth. On the inside of the bell 1908 appears. At the top near the post the number 538 appears. On the very top the number 38 appears I am assuming that correlates with the width of the bell. On one side of the yoke steel alloy- alarm bell is cast. On the other side C.S. Bell Co. Hillsboro, O. appears. On the A frames of the yoke the “No. 540 No. 544” appears. This bell was the original fire bell for the City of Shelby, NC. It is currently on display in the yard at the station where i work. We are considering sandblasting and powdwercoating the bell. Just wondering exactly how old the bell is and if the sandblasting powdercoating is safe way to restore the bell. It currently has several layers of paint on it.

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      Because it is steel alloy, it can tolerate sandblasting. Powder coating will not adversely affect the tone. Please send a picture of the before & after for our enjoyment.
      HJLong, MD

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