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      I am trying to find out more information about and value of a #4 C.S. Bell with yoke. This seems to be an unusual (or unpopular?) size based on the lack of info on the internet. Thanks~

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Since I don’t collect dinner bells, I can’t remember if the #4 was the C. S. Bell Co’s smallest or largest dinner bell. Like most iron and steel dinner bell makers, they made bells in 12″, 14″. 16″ and 18″ diameter. There was no standardazation. For some firms the #1 was their smallest, and for others it was their largest.

      For a value, put “Prindle Station” in Google and look at their bells. If you go to the check out, you will get the prices. — Neil Goeppinger

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      This was a very helpful response. Thank you! FYI: This bell is about 16″ in diameter and at roughly 50 pounds.

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      Participant this will get you to their e-mail and and questions they have, but I have a #3 C.S. bell, it is 18″. take care and enjoy

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      My number 4 by cs bell co is 19and 3/4ths wide at the mouth. It has 2 a frame stands. and a crank for the rope.

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