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      (original post) Several men of our church, along with 4 of our local firemen and their ladder truck, removed a C.S. Bell #28 from the steeple of our old sanctuary a couple of months ago. We are almost finished with the reconditioning process. We plan to install the bell in a bell tower that was designed as part of our new sanctuary. The bell, yoke, and A-frames are in very good condition. The clapper assembly was damaged during the extraction process when we accidentally allowed the clapper to take sideways stress, causing one side of the clapper hanger to break off. Fortunately, we were able to repair by braising the ‘ear’ back on with nickel rod.

      Two questions: One of the A-frames has ‘1892’ in raised numbers; would that indicate the age of the bell? As far as we can tell, there are no dates on the bell itself. Two, I noticed on one of the other forums, someone mentioned leather pads on the clapper return springs. There were no pads or rivets on the clapper return springs, but I can easily fashion some kind of replacement if I can get an idea of thickness. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as we prepare to get this bell ringing again!

      Updated post 08/10/09: We finished the restoration of the bell this past week. Sandra at Prindle Station was very helpful with the recommendation to use 1/4″ leather for the clapper pads. Our goal was to finish the restoration in time for the funeral of a very dear lady who was one of the church matriarchs. The newly restored bell rang at the beginning of her memorial service Saturday morning (08/08/09.) At the reception after her funeral, several life long church members shared stories about ringing the bell in their childhood. One member confirmed the bell was cast in 1892.

      You can see updated pictures of the bell removal and restoration including details of the clapper pads at…


      Updated post 11/11/09: My dad did a great job designing and constructing the mounting arrangement for the bell in our new sanctuary bell tower. In the process of installing the mount frame and bell pull rope tube, I learned quite a bit from various sources about attaching the frame to steel cross beams, cutting and sealing up the frame holes in the EPDM membrane roofing / insulation, plus the design of a lifting beam / hoist to raise the bell. Feel free to post any questions and I’ll try my best to help you.

      This coming Saturday, we’ll complete the final step, raising the bell up the side of the tower, attaching to the yoke, and ringing the bell for the first time from her new position. There are a couple additional pictures at the picasa link above, and I’ll post more after Saturday. Wish us luck!

      Jeff in Milton GA

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      Thanks for the update, Jeff! I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue. Thanks for your willingness to share your findings with others!

      To all others, please re-read Jeff’s posting above. You’ll find additional information at the bottom of the posting.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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