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      I have recently purchased a C.S. Bell #26
      and have been unable to do find out when it was made. I have contacted the Prindle factory
      who bought the bell company but they were unable to help and suggested this organization
      The imprint reads C.S. Bell, Tiffin Ohio.
      the first part would suggest made between 1874
      and 1882. But the second part makes no sense.
      Anybody able to help with that?

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      Edit: it is a C.S.Bell #62

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      No 62 was the smallest farm bell they made. It was around 11 inches…I think the new CS Bell co moved their facility to Tiffon in later years. They only make pumps now. Goulds did the same thing They got rid of all their old molds and now go by ITT Goulds Co making only pumps. I never saw one with the Tiffon address on the yoke though. It always said The CS Bell Co on it.

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      Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate that.
      The research that I did states that it became
      C.S. Bell CO after the son joined in the business and even later then that they moved to Tiffin. Also, they used to abbreviate Ohio
      with a simple O
      I am just wondering whether this a fake so to
      speak, or something else. It seems to be impossible to pinpoint the time it was made
      since “C.S. Bell” and “Tiffin Ohio” don’t seem
      to fit in the same time frame.

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      Its strange that Tiffon is on the yoke. I ordered a 62 through Montomery Ward back in late 70s The address said Tiffon Ohio but the bell still had the Hillsboro Ohio on it. Maybe after that they started putting Tiffon on the yokes. I’m not sure of that though.

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      Prindle Station Bells continues to manufacture the #62 C.S. Bell Co Patio Bell. You will find it on our F-62 Bells Page.

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