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      I have an old bell that someone told me is an old burial bell. The base is 3 7/16″ and the height is 3 3/16″. Can you tell me where I can get more information about it such as to verify if it is and value?

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      Hello Liberry4!

      We might be able to help you with the second half of your two questions, the identification, but would need some more information to go on. Good photos are important. The type of material it’s made of (iron, brass, ceramic …) is necessary. Any markings on it? Seams? Type of clapper? and how it’s attached? Style of Handle/Mount/Hanger and how it’s attached. Any brackets with it? any wear or corrosion? Color(s)? Any known history such as where it came from? Does it hold a rare earth magnet anywhere? That kind of thing. Unfortunately just the size alone doesn’t give us enough to go on.

      For the first question, value, once identified you would have to check around on line and locally. We can’t offer a valuation other than very very general (ie. Lots of these exist so “low” or unusual rarer so “high”.)
      Basically that’s for a few reasons:
      – To properly identify if it’s a reproduction or not, we would usually have to physically see / handle it. Even a photo isn’t good enough to feel for some types of wear/imperfections or to see replacement/substitution parts etc.
      – Sound is important and we can’t hear it!
      – Some naughty folks out there exist and could send false info/ photos etc. to legitimize a fake one at our expense.
      – Value simply isn’t the same everywhere. A historical bell for an area is worth more where it comes from, as it has more meaning to the buyers/collectors there. You have to reach the right buyer, if you don’t then the price is lower. Economy where selling is important, it’s depressed where I am right now so few buyers currently results in about 50% lower prices here.
      – Some people are sue happy. If we offer an opinion on price, and the seller discovers later that a similar one sold higher for some reason …
      – and so on. It’s simply not feasible for us to offer a value. Search auction sites on line for what they are selling for (not what they are asking – some folks ask for the moon!), ask local reputable antique dealers (they should offer both retail – what they would sell for, and wholesale -what they would pay for it). Remember, when selling to a store they can only pay between 1/4 to a maximum of 1/2 the price (1/2 if its a rarer piece) because they have overhead costs to include as well as profit. That’s fair because: You get the immediate sale, they are taking the chance for a ‘possible’ later profit!

      Well enough on that, hopefully you will be able to provide some additional information so that we can identify the bell for you!


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