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      I’m in search of a specific bell, and am looking for any tips on how to find it. Wondering also if there’s any way to find the serial number (if such a thing exists) of this particular bell though invoices or some sort of paper trail. Was hoping someone on this web site might be able to help me in someway since I am new to the subject of bells.

      This particular bell was a fog bell used at the Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic Maine from 1898 – ?August 1980 when it was removed by the Coast Guard. The bell was removed at the same time as the Fiddler’s Reach Fog Station bell, which is currently on display at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

      Here is a description:
      “Buckeye Bell Foundry 1897”
      The other side reads:
      “E W VanDuzen Co Cincinnati”
      “US Lighthouse Establishment 1897”
      It is believed that the bell’s dimensions is 26.5 inches high and 36 inches in diameter.

      When last seen, it had a clapper made of a rigid, iron vertical bar with a round ball-like end.
      2 images are at the following url’s. I don’t have any good close ups.


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      The devastating Ohio River flood in Jan-Feb 1937 destroyed the Buckeye Bell Foundry records. I suppose contacting the Coast Guard is the first step. Seems logical they would have a record of the disposition.

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      I can provide a similar Vanduzen bell if you are willing to consider a look alike bell.
      thanks todd lower 419-350-7262

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