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      I just acquired this bell. I’ll put pics when I learn how.
      Bronze bell with 17-1/2″wide at bottom. About 200 lbs.
      Has yoke and ringer. It is pretty shiny. Silver looking.
      I would appreciate any help.

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      Here’s 2 pics. Thanks

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      You know Who and What, Where, is Cincinnati, OH , How can be Googled with casting bells, When, is often cast right into the bell, but I’d guess late 1800s.
      May have been a really nice school bell, or chapel bell, but also could have been a riverboat bell. That size was also used on locomotives, I am told, though mine of that size is brass and plain.

      You can find the “search” window near the top, right, of the “Forum” main page for lots of info on this foundry. Many, more knowledgeable than I, have offered a great deal of info in several threads.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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