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      I have a bell 32″ in diameter that came on a church that I bought. I have been researching online for a few days and have yet to find any appraisal value for it.

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      Have you visited Brosamer’s Bells or Lower Bells, two prominent dealers in used church bells.
      Ebay can even help some.
      Your location is a factor to any purchaser.
      It appears to be bronze, and complete with a “crank” instead of a wheel, not atypical as wheels are notoriously fragile, be they of wood or cast iron, they bear the transfer of energy to torque a bell weighing 600 – 700 lbs.
      To a business, it may be only worth 3 or 4 K, which fully restored and mounted they might sell for 12 or 15 K.
      An ambitious committee assigned to place a bell for any institution or memorial might buy it as-is, where-is and add their own sweat equity to the project, paying 5K up front.
      Though more, LARGER photos and details are needed, a collector might find this a special bell with a higher value to them in their collection.
      There are so many variables which can affect value, but for insurance replacement value, I would cover it for 15K.
      Restore it yourself? … or just getting rid of it? … donating for a healthy tax deduction? hmmm value is a tricky thing to pin down. What might any one person in any one location, pay for it at any given time…..
      Hope others will chime in, as more info is always better.
      Keep us apprised of the bell’s fate, if you would.
      Good luck

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      Sorry! Better pictures! I thought I’d restore it myself but I am very new to this. It’s weathered but still rings through the whole town. I have only rang it twice. Once when I bought the building and once to record a video of it. If I can find a seller to come get it for 6 as it I’d take it but I think the restoration would be a fun project ? It looks good in the front yard. I had spoke to some one at Brosomers but only briefly. He said to them it would not be worth the 10K that I’d eventually want out of it but that doesn’t mean that to me it isn’t worth that. Was an informative guy. I have not called lower bells to get their opinion yet ?

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        It won’t let me upload my images my apologies

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      Probably re-size photos to post.
      A dealer is in business to sell bells and needs margin, but the restored end product is of high quality.
      10K is low retail for a fully restored 32″ bell set, leaving a dealer no margin.
      6K might sell to private party if partially restored, mounted and functioning, but still high for wholesale.
      Restoring is a fun project, if you enjoy that kind of work, and can safely move it around.
      I have only restored iron bells, dozens, and as large as 36″, 900 lbs, and a couple 34s as well.
      Neil Goeppinger has a section on bronze bell restoration in his new book, but most of that info he has already shared here at the Forum in various threads. “Search” can be found on the Forum main page, upper right corner.
      It’s a beauty, have fun. Let us know how it goes.
      Please keep trying to post those photos, too.

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      Ok! Thank you for your help!! I will definitely look into Neil’s posts! I do not think that I could move it but it really is in pretty good shape. I have been reading up on some organic mixes I could just scrub it with to pretty it up a bit more without damaging its beauty. I for one, like the patina look! But my guess is that it is not good for the bell? Will work on the photos. Maybe I can resize them from my laptop!

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      I ended up listing it on eBay. If it sells as is, it sells. Otherwise it’ll sit until I restore it. But the pictures are visible on the post.

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      HMMM that was quick… at least we have photos to help judge now.
      VanDuzen and Tift, missing wheel only functionally replaced.
      Is that a gash into the bronze 3″-4″ long after and below the “1893”?! OUCH!
      I’d be interested in an expert opinion as to the mottled “patina” and the black splotches.
      There is such a thing as “Bronze disease” , nearly unstoppable corrosion when chlorides react with the copper… but that might only happen to a bronze bell displayed in the open, without protection, at street level, near a road, in a state that uses de-icing chemicals in the winter….
      I reserve an appraisal on this particular bell until that is determined as I don’t know enough about bronze.
      Our only bronze bell is a 1901, 28 1/2″ VanDuzen, original, complete with wheel and tolling hammer, and restored and appraised by Marc Brosamer, acquired in a trade.


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