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    I’ve had these 2 bells myself for over 40 years…. they were burnished and polished (sorry about that) and I still have no clue about the markings. No, I would not ever have a bell polished again. Anyway, Two have an Anchor with double cross bars and the Letters L U on each side.The smallest measures approx. 3.5″ and across the bottom is 3-3/4″. Anyone got an idea?

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    Hello bluemoon1

    Unfortunately your picture(s) have not uploaded because they are too large a file size.

    Please look at my suggestion to resize and try again as it really helps to have pictures.

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    Thanks David… started a new post and think I finally got it using your suggestion to resize. :o)

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    Humm. I don’t suppose you could get a close up of the badge? It’s unusual to see a two stock anchor.
    Also a photo of the inside to show the clapper and how it attaches would be helpful. Is it all brass? (for example does it hold a rare earth magnet anywhere?)

    At first glance it appears to be a small format ship’s bell, perhaps a souvenir bell from a cruise ship or a coastal town that has some sort of ship manufacturing industry. LU would be the initials of said vessel/town. They are a bit small to be an actual working bell, I think.

    Most ships used a fouled anchor (rope twisted back on it) in their design, if they used it at all, and few would put more than the ship’s name/ID on the bell. But this type of design is more common for a souvenir style. I have also seen them used for club bells. These would be rung for in a meeting of a nautical/former nautical group with the LU initials, or something similar. I have one that was part of a retired Petty Officer’s mess (meeting) from the military that had an anchor on it, for example.

    Do you have any further details on the bell’s history? Where/how did you get them? That might give you a clue.

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      It’s solid Bronze. It’s solid construction and there are no seperate attachments on it. The clapper may have been changed in it’s lifetime as its a thick wire with a brass ball on it. The LU with the 4 crossed anchor is part of the bell and not a seperate pc. The other side has what appears to perhaps have been a monk or priest giving communion but very difficult to make out… also part of the bell and not a seperate pc. All cast. I ave trouble uploading pictures or I’d put one up. Thanks for your input. Appreicated. Someday someone will find it in a book somewhere with luck and the mystery will be solved.

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