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      I have had this bell for 45 years, my aunt gave it to me, It is 6″ tall and 6″ across the base, I have a news paper article from a 1957 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin news paper that tells some history. My uncle worked for a lady untill 1943, when he retired she gave him the bell. He states in the artical the bell was on this ladies property at least since 1928, she bought it from an antique dealer. The clapper on the bell was broken and a man offer to fix the clapper, while fixing the bell he also cleaned a thick blue-green coating of verdigris from the intire surface and found a shiny bronze surface, and at the base of the bell in tiny raised letters the legend: “Agosto 9 de 1356” and “San Jose Rueca Por Nosotros,” the latter being Spanish for “St. Joseph, pray for us”. The article from the June 13, 1957 Wisconsin Newspaper, shows my aunt standing on her porch displaying the repaired bell, The head lines of the news paper read “600-Year-Old bronze Bell Discovered at Lake Home”. Can any body out there tell me anything about this bell, and possible it’s value. The outside of the bell is shiny, but the inside you can still see the green verdigris. I do have pictures on my pc I could email to anyone interested.

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