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      I would like to know a little history on the brass lady bells. I have two with feet clappers. My daughter is doing an heirloom report for her class.
      Thanks for any help.

      –originally posted by “Ingrid Davis” on the Bell Talk forum 12/14/04

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      Hi. There isn’t a lot of information about most of the lady bells. The have been made since probably the 1700’s and are being made now. There are a few that were put out when certain actresses were popular, such as Jenny Lind, and they are the most common. Some were made after the second World War from mortar shells and are in the shape of oriental ladies. Many are patterned after various Queens, mostly English.

      Many of the older patterns have been copied, so there are many available. Of course the really older ones are the most valuable. Lady Bells were widely made and used during the 1800’s as bells to call the servants. The were attractive sitting on tables amongst the other bric-a-brac.

      They are very collectable and some, such as the ones with the ivory faces, are very valuable. Hope that helps a little.

      —original reply by “Denise of ttcantiques” on the Bell Talk forum 12/26/04

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      Hi. I have a lot of info on Lady Bells on my website. It might help. http://www.sawlady.com/belltypes.htm

      All the best, Natalia

      —original reply by Natalia Paruz on the Bell Talk forum 12/28/04

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      margo haig

      I, too, have a number of ‘brass lady bells’. I have found ?descriptions of them on E-bay…but would love to know who some of them are attributed to. margo

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      margo haig

      And another thing… I can’t seem to pull up the site that has illustrations of the bells from the ABA member. margo

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      Just wanted to let you know that my website http://www.bellcollecting.com/
      with the info about brass lady bells is running smoothly again 😀 , thanks to the extremely kind contribution of ABA member Alan Burgdorf – the website is now running on a paid server, so it shouldn’t “disappear” as it used to when there was an overload of visitors.

      All the best,

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      Peter Hyde

      An amazing website. Thanks Natalia for your hard work and enthusiasm which is much appreciated by this old timer in the UK.

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