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      I inherited a wall mount brass bell that was my brothers. It is a cast brass bell and it has a spread eagle finial on top. I would say its about a 7″ diameter bell.

      It is a wall mount style with two screw holes on the mount. It has the years 1776 and 1976 on it and they are seperated by a horizontal line of about 4″

      He left the price tag on it from I believe 1976. It says he paid $48.00 and the words Brass Bell and the number 5-7-23-DJ all of that is hand written. It has a rough finish to it. It is obviously supposed to look rough and not smooth like others I have seen.

      Of course it has sentimental value to me but I’m more curious as to why he purchased it in the first place as he lived in an apartment in the city and really no place for it. I assume it has some sort of collectible value for him to have it.

      Can anyone tell me anything about it?

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      There were many bells made to commemorate the bicentennial. Most were shaped like the liberty bell. I have seen the bell you describe, but don’t know what it’s value is and unfortunately, don’t know who made it.

      It obviously must have been something that caught your brother’s eye (or ear).

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