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      I have a small brass bell that came from my grandparents (picture attached) and have no idea of it’s history or significance. Since she kept it for many years in her china closet, I know there must be some significance to it. Inscription on the bell (rather crude and looks hand done) says “India March 10-12 1944”. Found Battle of Imphal in that timeframe but don’t think that’s it. To my knowledge we had no relatives there. Anyone have any ideas?

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      My best guess is that this is a typical souvenir bell that was made in India. Is it possible that your grandparents visited India during the 1940s and brought it back with them or a friend or relative served in the military there? The bell appears to have some age on it. I’m no expert on bells from India but this looks like a fairly common India-made bell similar in shape to many made by Bells of Sarna. Most likely, it would be marked by Sarna if it was made by that company. But, there are other makers of souvenir bells in India.

      Ah, I just enlarged the photo again and now can see the engraving on the top of the bell. That dotted printing is common on many bells made in India that I’ve seen. Can you tell us how tall the bell is and what is its diameter?

      In looking at page 51 in our Bell Tower Articles by Category index, I see that there are 9 articles about bells from India. Several of the articles have been written by a native of India who is a member of the ABA. If you go to , you will see contact information for the ABA Historian. She can tell you how to get a copy of any or some of those articles. There may be a charge for people who are not ABA members.

      Good luck!

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