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      Ok, Here’s another that I remember seeing in my books a long time ago, but can’t seem find again now that I have obtained one.
      Can someone enlighten me on it?
      I believe it to be English, and that the Pine Cone Shape on the top had a special meaning,
      something like “spring” or “new life” and was related, I believe, to one of the ruling figures (historically).

      All brass, 4 1/4″ diameter, 5 1/2″ tall, with an unusual profile shape.
      Brass clapper is on a solid bar that is held by two brass lugs on either side so that it can only swing back and forth (no other directions).
      From the roughness inside, it appears to be sand cast, then lacquered.

      No luck with any hints on my last “what is” question, but perhaps someone recognizes this one?

      Thanks, Garry

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