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      ovidiu oana

      good morning and wish you nice Sunday!

      Today I want to talk about my collection of books with the title or subject bells. For starters it’s about the trilogy “an universal language project” work which I wrote a few years ago and waiting an appropriate time and funding to be printed.

      It contains over 750 pages and is divided into three parts:
      – the first volume of poems THE SOUL contains nearly 2,000 pages of literature and prose, folklore and carols, all talking exclusively about the bells.

      – the second volume is dedicated to the history of the origins of bells far and talks about bells Asia, Europe, Africa, the bells of the New World (North America, Central and South), in music bells, bells on water and under waters and bells on the ball. This volume is illustrated with pieces from my collection of ancient bells, and with plans, drawings or photographs of some very old bells all over the world and from all cultures. Another chapter speaks about Peace and Liberty Bells.

      – the third volume is in fact an album of photographs of the 100 largest bells of all time, certainly since the Czar in Moscow bells weighing over 212 tons, the bell of King Dhamazedi in Myanmar, but do not forget the bells holy Romania Putna Monastery or at the Black Church in Brasov.

      The other books in the collection can be seen at:
      they are translations or original titles of books or recent fever.

      Few days ago I bought a book with the ancient story of ”The Great Bell of Beijing”, a story talking about human sacrifice; I’ll translate for you this tale into a next post here.

      In the almost 15 years since I collect bells examined over 5,000 books, albums, atlases, dictionaries, works of fiction or treated history textbooks, I corresponded with 14 major museums and museums of the world profile data that we added information gathered from more than 10,000 Internet addresses.

      However the results of all this is a special love for the nearly 400 bells from my collection and honorable way to describe what they do here in the ABA Forum pages.

      Post Scriptum: here you can see my last aquisition, an OLD AFGAN TRIBAL PENDANT WITH BELLS:

      Thank you!

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      ovidiu oana

      this days I bought another one:
      ”Bell on the Moon street” written by Majtenyi Erik

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      ovidiu oana

      There are 10 new books with title or subjects about bells into my collection:

      I ivite all bell collectors to send me informations about books about bells.
      Thank you and have a nice Sunday!

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