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      Does anyone know anything about Bollee bells of France? I have a small church bell from 1866, and would like to fine information on it.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      A google search brought up quite a few hits for Amedee Bollee Sr., (1844-1916) who inherited a bell foundry in Le Mans France. is written in French but I’ve put it into the google translater. It says:

      The “Bollée” originate Breuvannes Haute-Marne, home of bell-founders. Foundry vendors since 1715, they settled in 1838 in Saint-Jean-de-Braye, near Orleans. Dominique Bollée represents the 8th generation and it carries the same premises the business of master bell maker.
      This industry is not widespread but little known. But she has produced masterpieces and its origin is lost in the mists of time …
      Dominique Bollée tell you that there is no best job … that of giving voice to the material. On this subject, did you sometimes lingered to listen to the language of bells?

      Our soul is often moved to the call of divine and mysterious voices and how many times do they have rattled the innermost fiber of our hearts through the memories they evoke and the ceremonies they celebrate.
      But your mind he wondered how the matter could take this power over the masses, how the metal was able to acquire this sound and this power of harmony?

      By whom and for whom the first bells were invented? It is impossible to say. The Bible relates that the high priests’ robes were adorned with golden bells, is the first time that the story mentions bells, but it is likely that they were known before. On the other hand, the Chinese were routinely use of bells around 2300 years before Jesus Christ.

      The Roman historians speak of bells adorning temples and announcing the opening of some markets.

      Without retracing the history through the centuries of these processes and these productions, history others have already written, see how, nowadays, is made a big bell.

      In over 60 Cathedrals chimes that resound from the workshops of Dominica Bollée, including: Orleans, Le Mans, Amiens, Chartres, Tours, Reims, Solesmes … and Dakar, Yamoussoukro, Ottawa, Buffalo, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. …

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