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      We are restoring the 1874 Georgetown Schoolhouse in Georgetown, Colorado. Once we have completed reconstruction and installation of the 29 foot bell tower for the building, we would like to install the original bell and be able to ring it. (The tower is currently under construction.)

      See the attached photographs.

      Anyone out there able to provide some consulting? I see a wheel on other bells. Will we need this wheel? Our bell has been exposed to the elements for 60-70 years on the roof of what is now our Community School. What type of care does it require?

      In advance, we thank you for your assistance.
      [attachment=2:zmppvdwr]School Bell 006 reduced.jpg[/attachment:zmppvdwr]
      [attachment=0:zmppvdwr]School Sept 09 008 for bell.jpg[/attachment:zmppvdwr]
      [attachment=1:zmppvdwr]1874 School Reduced.jpg[/attachment:zmppvdwr]

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      It looks smooth and clean in the photo but if it isn’t go over it with a steel brush then brush on a couple coats of Rustoleum. Black, dark red, or a combination of both looks nice on a bell. Squirt oil in the supports to lessen friction so the bell will rock more easily. The original wood wheel which was about the same diameter as the bell probably wore out due to exposure to the elements over time. A skilled wood worker can probably make a duplicate from oak or ash but without the old one to use as a pattern it will be more difficult. If the make-do lever works OK then just use it. Handsome old school building!

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      Just refurbed our church bell its a Blymyer 32 also. That makes yours the second I have seen! The pulley is not necessary but ours has one as it used to be in the bellfry at our old church. Now we have it on display and use it for special occasions. When we did our bell we bead blasted all the small parts and sanded the bell itself. Coated it with an automotive self etching primer and then painted it with DuPont Imron polyurethane enamel. Obviously, we could have gotten a good look by using spray cans or brushes but this bell has a finish that withstand the elements, namely the kids in our church! Included a pic of our bell and the Blymyer ad.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      If you want a rope wheel for your bell, consider either a cast steel or cast aluminum one from Todd Lower (lowerbells.com). I just finished putting his largest cast steel wheel on an 36″ bronze bell. If I was doing it again, I would use the cast aluminum one instead just because of the weight. They look the same, but the steel one weighed 80 lbs making it a two man job. I don’t know how much the aluminum wheel weights, but it’s got to be less. Of course, I don’t have the world’s best back, so perhaps I am too sensitive about weight. — Neil Goeppinger

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      Greetings All,

      On June 15, 2010, the Georgetown Trust will be raising the restored Blymyer Norton Bell, installed in a reconstructed 27-foot bell tower, to the roof of the 1874 Georgetown Schoolhouse in Georgetown, Colorado.

      The Georgetown Trust will have an Open House on July 2 from 3-6 p.m. at the Schoolhouse.

      We plan to ring the bell, in Georgetown tradition, on the 4th of July. Please feel welcome to join us for any of the events.

      Thank you all for your help and support.

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      Thanks for the invitation and for sharing the experience with us!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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