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      The Hardin County History Museum (KY) has been given a Blymer Bell to install on their front lawn. This bell came from the Lynnland College located along the L & N Railroad in the Nolin Community of the County. The school later became the Glendale Baptist Children Home. The bell has a #40 on it. What can you tell us about the number, manufacturer or bell itself?

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      From what I have been learning about these, Blymyer (two y’s) Norton bells were cast in Cincinnati by the Cincinnati Bell Foundry Co. (C & N) from about 1880 through around 1900 or later. The number on the yoke refers to the diameter of the bell. These are generally cast iron, although I understand that they might have made some steel bells. They have an unique rounded yoke with the diameter number at the top on one side, and “C & N Co.” on the obverse.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      There was a Blymer Mfg. Co. as well as Blymyer Norton & Co., as well as Blymyer Mfg. Co., all of Cincinnati, Ohio. I don’t know if some of these names were misspellings. The 1888 Zell’s United States Business Directory states that Blymyer Mfg. Co. was located at 664 West 8th in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve also seen several bells with Blymer Mfg. Co. on them (note difference in spelling) and I’ve seen two with this spelling in a 48″ diameter. All are iron bells. — Neil

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