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      We have a steam locomotive 17 inches bell. There is #895 at the top of the bell. We would like to know what that number means
      to help in our search.
      On the cast Iron Yoke at the bottom is # 12419. Please let us know if you have any info. on this bell and where we can go to find
      more information.
      Thanks 🙂

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      Willie B. Herd

      Nice Bell!!! 8) Check the height, and diameter @ top, also weight, and identify metal used. (Use a bit of steel wool ONLY ON very bottom edge of bell to remove tarnish…..IF U do this on face of bell, it will leave a spot!) Can’t read the #’s on bracket, they are casting numbers and could help.
      The numbers should help U to identify, but info. is hard to come by….The #895 may designate that it was used on Engine #895. I’ve found more info here than the entire rest of the net. Also, try

      ( is a great site, BUT he charges $95 for an appraisal, and he buys and sells. is a good site also.) Good Luck 😀

      I can tell U that this bell was rung using a compressed air system, (pneumatic) and also rung w/ cable tied to vertical lever on opposite side, also called a string arm, or pull arm.

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