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      My grandmother owns a bell which my grandfather unearthed back in 1949 while installing a furnace at an old house. It is golden, shaped like a German/Dutch lady, and must be very old. He claims to have found it almost 1′ beneath the surface. Unfortunatly, it has no maker’s mark whatsoever. Is this common? Have others ran into similar situations? (ie having an old bell with no maker’s mark).

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      I look for bells everywhere I go. Many of my hobbies allow me to go part hunting at swap meets and garage sales.
      I have to say most of the decorative civilian bells I have encountered have very little marking on them. Most are difficult to identify.

      I have just joined this site and found information I have been trying to find for years. Post photos and the folks here may be able to help. Photobucket is free and works well with this site.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear Rock,

      Yes, there is a lot of good information on this site. But, as you know, the forum is a part of the website for the American Bell Association International, Inc. A benefit of membership in our organization is our bi-monthly, 48-page magazine, The Bell Tower, that includes several researched articles about different types of bells (and there are a lot of different kinds) in every issue. The $35 a year cost of dues goes entirely to paying for the cost of publishing the magazine. It’s worth the price!

      We also have a Directory of Articles from The Bell Tower on the main website. We send people copies of these articles for the cost of copying plus postage. We make no money from doing this. We are a non-profit organization. It’s no secret that a purpose of this website is to entice people into wanting to join the ABA. I invite you to join us and help further our cause of providing education to those interested in bells.

      If you haven’t already checked out our Main Site, please click on the words “Main Site” in the menu at the top of each page or go to https://www.americanbell.org and spend some time learning more about us.

      We appreciate your endorsement:

      I have just joined this site and found information I have been trying to find for years.

      Now we hope to find you on our membership list really soon! 😀 I encourage you to give us a try for a year.

      With hope,

      P.S. Ruth Carlson, our Membership Chairman, will be happy to send you a packet of information about the ABA and a sample of The Bell Tower upon request. You can contact her at abaii@juno.com.

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      An excellent idea.
      I went to the membership page, signed up, and had BofA send you a check. I am looking forward to the magazine, and being a member.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Great! Welcome to the ABA! Thanks for following through with quick action!

      You might want to keep your eyes open for people who have back issues of The Bell Tower that they’d like to sell or give away. It doesn’t happen too often but I do see or hear of people who are willing to part with their magazines. There’s so much information about bells in them that collectors would prefer to make them available to others rather than throw them away.

      Wishing you much enjoyment from your new membership!


      P.S. The people who belong to ABA are very nice, friendly, and willing to share their info with others.

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      Thanks, I will keep my eyes open and post requests.
      I have never belonged to a bell association, but I find people with an interest in bells are often both friendly and amusing.

      Engineers with an interest in bells, well we are just fun!

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