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      Doug (Martin) Struromski has sent this website address to let ABA members know about a weekly program on BBC radio entitled “Bells on Sunday.”

      Bells on Sunday
      The next programme will be on:
      Sunday 04 November 2007 05:43
      The sound of bells from St Bartholomew’s, London.

      The last programme was on:
      Monday 29 October 2007 00:45
      The sound of bells from the church of St Mary the Virgin in Chislet, Kent.
      View information on all Bells on Sunday programmes [/b]

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      Joan Elliott

      Amazing! We in the UK visit the ABA website to learn about a BBC programme 😆

      Mind you I doubt we will be awake to hear the bells ringing. I need my beauty sleep 😉 and waking up to hear the bells being rung for 3 minutes is not going to help 😆


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      Joan Elliott writes:

      Hi Carolyn

      So you recall sending a message a few weeks back about the BBC radio programme on a Sunday morning where church bells are rung?

      At the time I mentioned that the hour was a little early for me 🙂 I’ve since found a website where the weekly bells can be heard. Don’t know if it’s suitable for the Bell Talk, but you can find it here … BBC Radio Player


      You need to have RealPlayer installed on your computer in order to open the link.


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