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      How can I identify these bells as bells of Sarna? They have been in our family for more than 75 years. They are brass, they are heavy and they’re beautiful. They are bells of Sarna how can I find out how much they are worth?

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      Are there no markings that you can find inside or out or possibly on the clapper? It would help those who are more familiar with bells from Sarna if you post pictures of the inside of one and give measurements. I only know about the ones that I have that have the name carved inside the bell chamber. I do not know if they have always marked their bells this way or used paper labels. Sometimes bells from India that are not Sarna ones have an “I” imprinted inside. It helps to use a magnifying glass. Sarna is a family name, not a city, if you did not already know that. 🙂 I hope you are able to get your answer.

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      If you do a search for Sarna on this site, you should be able to find an article from a few years ago on the family. The Gist of which, is that Sarna was a student who supplemented his finances by selling some of his keepsakes of India, while attending college in the USA. It went over so well, that he went into business with his family importing more items and reselling them.

      Kovel’s gives the following information:

      “Bells of Sarna is a brand name used by a company founded by Sajan Singh Sarna in Manhasset, New York. He imported goods from India and sold them to dealers in the United States. Sarna began importing bells in 1938. The bells were often sold on thin ropes or chains and came with a tag that gave the story behind the bell. ”

      I believe these are of the Holi (water festival) bell design, but don’t quote me on that one!

      Because these were imported common bells from India, unless you find purchase documentation, it will be unlikely to be able to tell if they are Sarna bells or not. If purchased in the States, in or near New York, then ‘likely’ yes, they are. But there likely won’t be any markings to indicate that.

      Hope it helps.

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