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      Hi all,

      I recently received a bell that my great grandmother used to summon the maid in the late 1950’s+60’s.
      It is a Bells of Sarna 376T.
      After researching on this site, I thought i would show you all the bell. I found great information here on its origin and value, and have decided not to sell it at this time, as the family history is worth more than it’s value. I would love to know more about the serial number/ model number, and try to date it better.

      The bell measures 5-1/2″ tall and the bell is 2-1/2″ across. It appears to be made of brass.
      The bell is quite dark from sitting on a shelf for about 30 years when my mother acquired it. It also has a few splatters of paint on it form an unknown source.

      I would love to hear from other members if I should clean/polish the bell, and how best to remove the paint if I should not clean it.

      Here are some pictures for you. Thanks for looking!


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      This bell was sold by Bells of Sarna in the late 1950s and 1960s. The paint can be removed by a commercial paint remover such as Stripease with out harming the bell. If the paint is on the exterior, removing it may effect the pattern of the patina on the brass.
      Harry Long, MD

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