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      Joe, one of our ABA members, acquired this bell recently and wonders if anyone has seen one like it and if someone has any other information about the bell or stand.

      [attachment=0:3n9dw4fd]annjoeny bell2.jpg[/attachment:3n9dw4fd][attachment=1:3n9dw4fd]annjoeny bell.jpg[/attachment:3n9dw4fd]

      Joe writes:

      The bell is 9 inches in diameter, weights about 22 pounds.

      The engraving is in German which I have translated and along the edge of the bell in German it says:
      “Cast by Jacob Baechtold from Schleitheim in Year 1875”

      Also, note that in the picture of the bell on the stand, in the the corners of the stand is “JB”.

      I know little else about this bell and would like to know if anyone might be able to shed some light on it’s history.

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