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      I just purchased a bell off of Ebay. It is about 8 in in diameter and 5 in tall, cast iron with brass paint and US ARMY ST-963 1945 is part of the cast. No other marks are present. I am trying to find all the informaiton available about this bell. I am also trying the Army historical society. The seller says he got the bell at an estate auction. I am retiring from active duty in August and intend to make this a desk display. I tried to include a picture but could not. Does this forum allow that?

      Thanks for all your help.

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      I believe that what you have is a bell from a “Liberty Ship”. Due to the wartime shortage of copper and brass, bells were made of cast steel. I’ve seen these bells with USN on them for Navy ships. The Liberty Ships that were used to transport troops to and from the war zone were hastily constructed during the war for the Armyand had these bells on them. ST stands for Troop Ship and the 963 should represent the Hull number of the ship. The Army Historical Museum should have information on the specific ship.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks. This should help. I found a web page with a great deal of information on Liberty ships and I sent the author an inquiry.

      Thanks again for your help.

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      This si the response I got form the web site on Liberty Ships.

      Wrong answer from the bell association. How they get “ST stands for Troop Ship” is a question I’d almost hate to hear answered! Perhaps “Ship, Troop” they thought? You might let your contact there know they are completely off on this.

      Your bell is from the Army small tug, ST-963. The ST was for tugs less than 100′ in length while LT was for those over 100′. The ST could be tiny
      (30-40′) to goodly sized harbor tug proportions. Since I really don’t have a lot of information on Army the tugs I have no idea what group ST-963 might fall into. I did run across a reference to ST-901 being 71′, but that is no gurantee ST-963 was in that range.

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