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      HI — I have just recently joined the ABA website and have enjoyed reading the information and forum discussions.
      I have seen bell-shaped music boxes (with a bird as the ‘handle). Are these considered a ‘bell’ for a collection? If you didn’t pick it, you would never realize that it wasn’t a bell. Thanks!

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      Some ABA members collect just one or maybe two types of bells such as tappers or big iron bells or animal bells, or glass and brass.
      Some ABA memebers are ECLECTIC bell collectors. So, we include music boxes, nodders, Avon bottles shapped like bells, wind chimes, gongs, etc. If it has a “bell shape” (Websters dictionary) and YOU LIKE IT — Well, what the heck — add it to your collection.

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      Hi Linda, Yes, bell shaped anything is part of a bell collection. I have several bell shaped music boxes. Bell shaped jello molds, boxes, etc.
      Anything bell that you like, is part of a collection.

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      Hi Linda,

      Not only do the bell shaped music boxes make you a collector, but those music boxes are often very collectable and desireable!

      Laura 😀

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      Yes Linda, It is a “Bell”
      We have a wooden bell shaped music box that we consider a valued bell of our collection of about 600 bells. It is 4 1/4″ tall, dark brown wood, made by SVOBODA of KEWAUNEE. Wisconsin. It was purchased at our ABA Convention in 1996 for $9.00. It plays “Sound of Music”. Clemens & Fran

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      Barbara writes to say:

      I have two bell shaped music boxes in my bell collection. If it is shaped like a bell, I collect it. This includes the Liberty Bell which used to contain Philadelphia Blended Whiskey.

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      The ABA is a wonderful organization with few rules as to what is collectible. I am always amazed and delighted when I see some of the things that people collect as part of their bell collection. I collect and love nodders and its hard for me to see the relationship to bells, but they are part of my bell collection.

      Enjoy your music box.

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      Hi ‘BELLES’ — some of you refer to NODDERS. What are they?
      Also…thanks for the replies on my ‘bell music box’! 😀

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