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      Carolyn Whitlock

      ABA member Vrezh has sent a video that he thinks our readers may appreciate. You can see it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8qd0cmMZXY. The translation of the Russian text is written below. Enjoy!

      Cleansing vibration sound. Easter bells ringing Valaam monastery.
      Ringing of bells creates a joyful and light mood. He is able to change a person’s soul for the better, making reflect on the meaning of life. Bell ringing has a wondrous power that penetrates deep into the heart.
      Long-term studies of bell ringing proved that in the space of the bell produces positive energy. According to legend, the bells saved people from epidemics and negative energy. He is their strength, power and beauty of the healers for a man, he is able to heal the soul and the body, restores energy, strengthens and harmonizes the physical health of the psyche.

      At the sound of the bells space is saturated with positive energy, filling the air with the energy of love and kindness. Sound wave propagates in the form of a cross. The bells are energy generators in the ultrasonic range, it is used to sterilize the space. This effect has only live sound. It is known that the bell ringers do not get sick with colds. Audio recording of the bells can be heard at home, where frequent quarrels and conflicts, it clears the space of negative energy.
      Bell ringing restores the human aura
      Bell ringing is capable of restoring the human energy field. During the observations, it was registered an increase of symmetry and area of human energy field. Thus, it was revealed the restoration of power of the person, after listening to the bells. Besides the bells amplifies the vibration of the surrounding space and man. There is a dissolution of negative energy with low vibration, it is crushed and out of the human biofield.

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