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      Here’s a challenge to you!

      I just acquired this presentation bell.
      It’s brass (no magnet sticks except to the clapper!) 4 inches high with an additional 4.5 inches of wooden handle.
      That makes it 8.5 inches high in all. The mouth is rather wide at 5 inches.
      It has the following inscription on the side:
      Awarded to
      Paul K Boyko
      NYLIC “Bell Ringer”
      April 1960

      I believe it to be an older Bell ringer music group type bell (no numbers, sorry) that was modified for Mr. Boyko’s presentation in 1960 (obviously! 😉 )

      The only Acronym I can find for NYLIC is “New York Life Insurance Company” thus far.

      I am trying to find out information about both NYLIC and Mr. Boyko.

      Any ideas?


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Looks like a plain ol’ Bevin hand bell to me. You can still get them. Check out

      But, I don’t claim to know much about Bevin bells. Others from the New England Chapter, especially those who live in Connecticut where Bevin bells are made, know much more than I.


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      Ron Weaver

      I have seen the NYLIC before and it stands for New York Licensed. Outside of that I do not
      know of any bell ringer group being licensed.

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      This is a Bevin Bell Co. handbell. These are sold and engraved by a local jeweler with whatever you wish to be put on it. I have one just like it that was engraved with my name and the year that I was President of the Southern California Campanology Club as a commemoration of my year as president. I do not know what NYLIC stands for, but this is clearly a commemorative bell for the individual whose name appears on the bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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      WOW- I have exactly the same bell, with exactly the same inscription. One exception: the name it is presented to is
      D.G. “Mac” – Mc Gregor
      I was wondering about NYLIC too.

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      Interesting News Sunraygirl!
      Welcome to the site.

      I have contacted a number of people around the New York areas but nobody has any idea of what a ‘licensed’ bell ringer is. There was an occupation called ‘bellringer’ in the area – they were to ring the bells for important occasions, notices and the like – but that was well before the date on my bell and, while they were a guild of sorts apparently, there was never a license issued for them back then. (At least not that anyone seems to know about.)

      The only suggestion I got was that it was a bit of a gag gift. The fact that you have another with the same wording however, suggests otherwise. I am still leaning towards a bell tolling band / group that presented these as retirement gifts or some such. What makes me very suspicious about that idea though is that they usually also included the group name on such plaques. Unless the NYLIC really is misleading and stands for something like (New Youth Lindon International Carollers) or something similar.

      Keep in touch. Perhaps between the two of us we can figure this out!

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      Yes..strange it landed here – I am in BC Canada. I can’t imagine finding any information other than what is on the internet. Could possibly stumble upon the answer someday though! It was graciously used for the last couple of years here, for dressage – horse shows. The bell has been used by a few judges to ring in the next contestant…

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      It is interesting where it ended up!
      I am in Alberta Canada (howdy neighbor!) and got it from the Maritimes during a trip east.

      Unfortunately I do not find it unusual that history is forgotten. I also collect some SeeTuSee dishware and went to Winnipeg for information on the company (The only place where they were made). Not only did the museum and municipality offices not have any information on them, the way the responses were worded clearly indicates they have no interest in the information either. And the plates are known internationally, go figure. Right now I seem to know more about them then they do!

      But you never know what will turn up. I wasn’t expecting your note for example!


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