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      I need help finding information about a family bell. It is 18 inches wide and 14 1/2 inches wide. It has JAS.L.HAVEN Co 3 Cincinnatti O on the front and CRYSTAL METAL 3 on the opposite side. It also has No3 UPRIGHT 1886 printed on it. Is 1886 the date it was made? How can we remove the little bit of rust that is on the bell? The bell is in excelllent shape and has the upright attachment with it. How can we determine the approximate value for insurance purposes? What can or should we repaint it with?

      This bell has been on our family farm since 1924 when the farm was purchased. It was believed to be either in a church or a school.

      Would appreciate any help or information.
      R. Trice


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      Neil Goeppinger

      You’ve got a dinner bell, and I assume the Jas L. Haven inscription is on the bell itself as that is what this company normally did on their larger bells. The 1886 date is, I assume, on the upright support for the bell, and is a patent date. As for an insurance value, perhaps $250 to $350. Large bells have gone up this past year.

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      I just restored a #3 C.S bell. I took a small chizel and a small hammer and tapped out the rust. you will need to spray it down with a rust inhibitor. yu can get it at any automobile supply store. then go to your local hardware store and ask them for 1 pint of metal primer. if you don’t it will continue to rust. take care and enjoy.

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