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      ovidiu oana

      floral russian bell
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      about russian bells I will post 2-3 notes in the future.
      you can learn more about more than 500 years history of russian Valdai bells

      bells dictionary:

      – bell: KOLOKOL
      – little bell: KOLOKOLICHIK
      – bell for cattle: KOLOKOLICHIK
      – crotal: BUBENEĊ˘

      Thank you and have a nice week!

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      I’d like to correct Ovidiu Oana a little bit. A little bell in Russian is called kolokolchik. The same word is used for bells for cattle. Bubenchik in Russian is a rattle. Kolokol is mainly used when we talk about a big bell. The classical example is the Tsar Bell which in Russian is Tsar Kolokol.

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      ovidiu oana

      Thank you Larissa for your note.
      I changed as you indicate.
      I will ask all visitors to help/to correct me when I am wrong.

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