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      This special bell is the work of Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ.

      He was a Swiss born sculptor (1881-1971) and worked for many years in Paris.

      Many of his works are animal sculptures in the Art DECO style.

      The bell shown is a typical example and dates back to the 1925s.

      The bell is 15 cms. high and signed in the bronze: Ed. M Sandoz
      and stamped: Susse Frs. Ets. Paris.

      Double click for a larger view!

      It would be interesting for me to know if anyone else has a table bell from this interesting sculptor.

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      I admire this bell, and would like to take special note of two items mentioned above:
      1) that it is signed by the sculptor, and
      2) that it bears a foundry mark.
      Both features hold additional appeal for me.

      High silver content bells have borne maker’s marks for hundreds of years. It is less common with bronze, but would occur occasionally in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Information about the sculptors can sometimes be found on the Internet, or in sculptor/founder reference books.

      Susse Freres, Barbediene, Siot (Siot-Decauville), and Thiebaut were well-known and respected foundries in France, as were Gladenbeck, Kayserzinn, and WMF in Germany, and Chopin in Russia. Each made a few bronze or pewter bells that bear their marks.

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