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      I’ve recently aquired a large, beautiful bell. Although I cannot post pictures on line, I mailed some pictures to a website called Kountry Life and someone posted them there for me. Please visit the website listed below and click on Theresa’s bell to see pictures of my bell.

      It’s missing the clapper, but once I get it replaced I need to know how to hang it. Does the whole bell swing or just the clapper? Is the flat rod across the top there to control the clapper or swing the bell?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, as would any info on the age or origin of my bell would be nice to know. Thank you so much!

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      It’s been awhile since you made this posting. ABA has a few members who collect and display large bells such as this. If you still need an answer, let me know and I’ll forward your request to one of the experts in this area

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Teresa, I went to your link and looked at the pictures of your bell. First, it is a very old bell (pre Civil War). I can tell that from the shape of the bell (small top as a percentage of the diameter of the opening), and because of the ridge (or step) around the outside of the soundbow just above the lip of the bell.

      I don’t believe the yoke (the part at the top of the bell to which it is attached) is original, and if it is, the bell was not meant to be a swinging bell because the ends of the yoke don’t come down far enough to “balance” the bell for swinging the whole bell. If I am right on that, the bell was set up to be stationary and thus the clapper was swung to hit the bell and the bell staid stationary. Another reason I believe it was set up to be stationary is because there is no provision for swinging the bell (an arm to attach a rope). In bells that old, the arm was usually attached to the top of the bell, not the end of the yoke as was done later.

      I’m not sure if the owner of this firm has clappers small enough for your bell (by the way, you didn’t give the diameter of your bell), but you may want to contact him to see:

      He has different sizes of clappers available. Give him the diameter of your bell if you contact him. Most of his bell parts are for church bells, and yours is a dinner (also called “farm”) bell. — Neil

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Teresa, When I replied to your inquiry for a clapper, I referred you to a web site called I had occasion to contact them this week and my e-mails were returned. I had the cell phone number of the individual, so I called him and discovered he has slightly changed his e-mail address due to a change of some sort in his phone service. His e-mail address is now simply:
      Leave off the word “the” at the beginning. — Neil

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