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      I have a beautiful bell and I would like to know more about it. The bell is bell metal, 9″ in diameter at the top, 15″ in diameter at the bottom, marked E. Force N. York 1825 around the top, clapper is iron, top support is iron. I have photos which can be emailed to anyone who requests them. I found a list of bell makers that included Ephraim Force who was a bell maker in New York (no furthur information provided in this source). Any information or tips about how to find more info will be greatly appreciated.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      One of this firms bells turns up every once in a while. Their advertising in business directories lists them as a brass founder at various east side addresses in N.Y. from 1807 to 1848, but until your bell turned up, the dates I knew they were making bells were from 1834 to 1848. Now I know they were making bells as early as 1825, thank you for this information. They may have been making bells even earlier as they were in business, but we don’t have evidence. Their advertising between 1807 and 1848 was for ornamental brasses and plumbing equipment and didn’t list bells. The old Georgia Statehouse bell at Milledgeville has a bell made by E. Force. — Neil Goeppinger

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