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      I may have asked about this here a few years ago, but if I did, I can’t find it.

      Is there a reference site somewhere to find the trademark/hallmark or whatever they are called for bell maker/foundries?
      I have a bell with what could be a winged lion or griffin, it could be an eagle, or?
      I have tried to find info on this every year or two for the last ten years with no luck.
      The pictures below are about as good as I can get.

      Thank you for any info.

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      it’s customary (here in Romania) for the bell crafter to imprint his initials on the bell or yoke (cast iron ones)
      Being a griffin (looks that way to me) it could be either a decoration, a factory that is now out of business (about 2/3 in Europe are gone)anyway the symbol looks germanic so i can only narrow it down to (England/Germany/France/Holland) don’t know about US “seals”

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I have never seen this “trademark” on an American made bell. Is your bell a large bell or a small bell? — Neil Goeppinger

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