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      Does this bell look like from a certain manufacturer, or is it just a run of the mill bell? It is 12″ across the bottom, very heavy and appears brassy colored under the red paint. It is supposed to be off one of our old fire trucks, but it doesn’t really match up to any of our old pictures.

      Thanks for your help.


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      Solved. From a 1940 American Lafrance fire truck. Thanks self.

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      This is a fire engine bell. You need to remove the red paint (paint stripper and nothing coarser than a bronze wire brush to avoid scratching the surface) from the bell to reveal the brass beneath. Some American LaFrance bells were mounted on the outside of the fire engine and had an Eagle finial on the top. These were also usually chrome plated. Yours obviously was mounted inside the grill and did not have the finial or the chrome plating. Thanks for the follow-up picture. It will help others who have similar bells.
      Harry Long, MD

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