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      My wife’s family has had this 9″ diameter bell for many years. I finally took it to be cleaned of verdigris, thinking I’d have a nice brass bell. On return it surprised everyone by having what looks like chrome plating. The chrome plating (if it is that) has slightly different shades in places as though it is thinner there.

      Around the upper surface of the bell is the legend in the Title above, and only that. No other markings.

      George T Allamby was a “brass founder” in Bangor through the last half of the 1800’s. From 1875 until his untimely death George H Allamby, his son, joined the firm thus “G T Allamby & Son” for just that period.

      The bell has the lines of a ship’s bell but there is no marking nor a mount to indicate that.

      Any information on the family would be appreciated. Thanks in advance to all responders.

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      It does look as if it could have been a ship’s bell, because of the severe rusting on the upper part of the clapper shaft – so much so that the partial plating above the clapper ball is peeling away from the shaft. The knobby flight of the clapper is shaped to enable tying a ringing rope to it. Clearly the Allambys were aware of longstanding traditions of bell manufacture, as demonstrated by the clapper staple rooted in the mounting tang. But putting their name on top of the bell indicates that they weren’t afraid to think outside the box. Thanks for the nice photos!

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      It might also be a fire truck bell. They were sometimes chromed and rung by hand as they hung on the side of the fire truck.

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