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      I have a bell that has the following cast text. “Buckeye Foundry” then “Frederick Town Ohio”. I find that Fredericktown, Ohio is NE of Columbus, near Mt. Vernon. There are a couple old foundries, but none currently named Buckeye or it seems in the past. However, there is a company called Buckeye Steel Castings and another called J B Foote Foundry, which according to the website cast bells for along time.

      There is a Cincinnati foundry that was named Buckeye Bell Foundry in the past. So, I have a Fredericktown near Columbus and a foundry that fits the name in Cincinati. Does anyone know where this bell was cast? Thanks Dan

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      The Buckeye Bell Foundry was established by George Washington Coffin in Cincinnati between 1865-1894 and was a successor to the G. W. Coffin Bell Foundry 1837-1857 and GW Coffin/Buckeye Bell Foundry 1857-1865. It wad acquired by Van Duzen and Tift in 1894 and by Verdin Bell Foundry in 1950. To my knowledge it did not operate a branch in Frederick Town, OH. Large Bells were frequently cast on site, and it is possible that Buckeye utilized the facilities of the Frederick Town Bell Foundry to cast a bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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