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      Roger Plaquet has sent this great list of bell foundries in New York City!

      While looking through some of Sid Gelman’s Collection of H. C. Bell Papers, I came across the following:


      American Bell Company, 30 Liberty St., 1864
      Gallagher, James, 37 Center St.
      Gifford, John A. & Sons
      Goulds Mfg. Company, 60 Barklay St.
      Gregory James, Cannon & Stanton St.
      Phillips, John
      Pugh & Russell
      McKenna Wm. & Sons
      Rumsey & Co. 93 Liberty St., 1882
      U.S. Supply Co. 51 John St.
      Van Sands, H.H. 733 Broadway
      Weeks, A.A. 11 Gold St.
      Paulson, Thomas & Son , Brooklyn, N.Y.

      This information was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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      At least two of these names may not actually be foundries, but offices representing foundries located elsewhere. McShane of Baltimore, Meneely/Troy and Meneely/Watervliet (not included in this list) are all known to have had offices in New York City. Goulds Mfg. Co. began in Seneca Falls NY, and a family member later set up a similar firm in St.Louis. “Rumsey & Co.” is quite probably an office of L.M.Rumsey & Co., a huge firm headquartered in St.Louis, for which bells were a very minor sideline. Naylor Vickers of England had offices in New York, Boston, and perhaps elsewhere in the USA. This appears to have been a common practice in the 19th c.

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