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      I currently work for the National Museum of Seychelles and we have recently been gifted a bell believed to have been found on a ship wreck called “L’Hereuse”, a french frigate sunk in seychelles in 1743 the bell has the following inscription” SIT.NOMEN.DOMINI.BENEDIC.TVM.B.IOYET and has a crucifx also engraved on it. I shall send a picture in my next post.

      Would be grateful for any translation of the inscription.

      Thank you


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      The inscription on the bell is part of a Roman Catholic Latin Prayer: “Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum” translates “Blessed is the name of the Lord”. I don’t know what “B. Ioyet” means. Could the last word be “Iehove” or some similar Latin variant of “Jehovah”? This prayer was also used as the moto of the French Carolingian Kings and was present on French Coins during the monarchy.
      Harry Long, MD

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