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      I’m new to this forum. My mother collected bells for about 35 years and they were displayed all through her house in curio cabinets and on shelves. There are all kinds of bells. Some are collector items and several crystal bells and even some cow bells. I live in southern Indiana and was wondering what to do with all of these bells or if there would be much interest in them. I have wrapped them all individually and they are in 5 large plastic tubs Is there anyone around my location that might advise me about these bells or appraise them.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Hi, coupe32, and welcome to the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum!

      Yours is a question that we are often asked. The ABA has a chapter in Indiana. The contact person for that chapter may be able to help you. Some chapters allow people to attend their meetings and have a sales table.

      The hardest thing for a non-collector to do is to know the value of the bells they’re charged with liquidating. Some people want to sell the collection as a whole. If you want to do that, you face the challenge of finding dealers who will buy the collection from you at a wholesale price. The dealer will then turn around and sell the bells individually. As hard as it is to accept, one shouldn’t expect to “get your money back” when you sell your bells.

      There are people who buy collections and then list the individual bells on online auction sites. Again, you’d be selling the collection at wholesale prices, not retail prices. Anyone who may be interested in buying your mother’s bells will want to see pictures of them. You have told us that you have 5 large tubs of bells but not given us an idea of how many bells you have.

      Your best bet would be to go to the ABA Main Site (americanbell.org) and click on the tab that says “Membership.” Find the link to the Indiana Chapter and click on the name “Hoosier Bells of Indiana Chapter”. A box will appear. It will have a live link to the chapter contact. An e-mail form will appear and you can write to that person for advice.

      Some people donate collections (or parts thereof) to chapters to be sold for the benefit of the chapter’s treasury. The comfort in that action is that you will know the bells will go to bell-loving homes! But, be sure to contact a chapter to see if they will accept such a donation.

      Hope this helps!

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      Thank you very much for that info. Jerry

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