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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I found these pictures of a collection of big bells that live at the Red X store in Riverside, Missouri on http://www.flickr.com. Apparently the collection wraps around two sides of the store. Has anyone out there ever seen these bells? Does anyone know the story of them?

      Folks driving to St. Louis may want to stop and see them on the way to or from the ABA Convention. Do a google search for Red X store, Riverside, Missouri, to get the address.




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      The photographer’s caption is slightly misleading. Only the painted bells are cast iron (or cast steel); the others are cast bronze. The collection is not as extensive as it used to be, because many of the smaller bells were sold off a few years ago following Ed Young’s death. Nevertheless, this place is well worth a visit for anyone who’s travelling near Kansas City, MO. You can find more information about the collection here:


      That page has a link to a locator map (from which you can get driving directions), as well as a link to my own photo page about the collection. (Some of the bells which I photographed may be been sold.)

      If you do visit, be sure to look on the wall of the lobby inside the front entrance for the display about Ed and his collection.

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      ABA members have written to say that the Red X Store in Riverside, MO, is out of business.

      One said,

      The Red-X had a bad flood years ago. The owner was ill and the bells didn’t get cleaned. The inside of the store displays were beautiful bells covered in mud…sad. He has since died. I believe the store is closed and all the bells are gone.

      The other said,

      Ed Young was ABA member with vast collection. The ’99 convention was supposed to feature a tour stop at Red X, but he was sick (died a month later). Store was underwater in flood of ’93. I think some bells were cleaned, others were not. After his death, son Zeke sold a lot of the table bells at an auction not well advertised to bell collectors.

      I did google the Red X to see if I could find out more info but found nothing about the bells.

      The pictures are still interesting to look at!


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      Alan B. has sent a link to the history of the Riverside Red X. http://www.riversideredx.com/history.htm

      Thanks, Alan!

      Admin (Carolyn)

      P.S. The Red X website has problems with links and pictures. Perhaps it is no longer being maintained.

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      Riverside Red X Store is alive and well.

      There are problems with pictures and links on the history page,
      but the general website functions normally.

      Note that the current Weekly Ad features items on sale through Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

      The About US page gives details of local construction, which
      should be taken into account with Google or Mapquest directions.

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      We were at the new store in 1999. There were many bells around and in cases – some showing signs of the flood, but not covered with mud or ruined. We were told the bells that were rescued at the time of the flood had been taken to a storage building to await cleaning. As bells were cleaned, they were brought back to the refurbished store. We were told the cleaning was still going on and it was the full-time job of a couple (?) of workers.

      Mickey and Marie Varian

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      Mr. Young was an amazing and engaging man. He was at one time a member of the A.B.A. as well as the Heart Of America chapter. He built several fortunes over the years and the Red X wasn’t even the most elaborate. He also built and owned the French Market in the 1960’s which truly was a huge beautiful store in Overland Park, KS. The Red X at one time housed not only his amazing collection of beautiful bells but also examples of all sorts of other collections he amassed. His home was entirely furnished with intricately carved antique Oriental furniture. He was a good friend of my Mother, Dorothy Anthony. She once asked him what he planned to do with all the warehouses full of collectibles and he answered. “Someday I want to look down from heaven and watch the biggest auction ever held.” As for the collection at the Red X, if they do have any bells still on display I’m afraid it’s not what it once was and might be a disappointment for anyone that might have to travel.

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