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    Carolyn Whitlock

    Thank you for considering posting on the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum. We’ll do our best to get answers to your questions. But: PLEASE DON’T POST YOUR QUESTION IN THIS SECTION! Why? Because people who know how to use the forum usually don’t look there for questions to answer! They only look at the categories listed below the “How to use the ‘Bell Talk’ Forums.

    Please look for the category that best describes your type of bell and place your question or comment there. You’ll have a much better chance of getting an answer.


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    Years ago my great grandfather, along with another man, pushed a bell “C. S. Bell, Hillsboro, Ohio, with a # 2 yoke”, from Omaha, Nebraska to Franklin, Nebraska in a wheelbarrow. About 25 years ago, a grandson from San Francisco called my mother and explained his grandfather helped push the bell to Franklin, or at least across Nebraska, and tried to buy it from her. My mother said no because I have the bell hanging in my yard, but my mother did not get his name or any of the history of the importance of this bell. My name is Neil Scheuneman. Just taking a long shot to see if anyone has heard that story? thanks neilscheu@msn.com

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