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      Holly asks:

      I wonder if anyone can tell me about this bell. I got it today at an auction. My first thought about it was, how would one ring it? It’s obviously not on a yoke and there is no eye on the clanger for a rope to be attached. Would one tie a rope to the stem of the clanger? Is Bartlett & Co a pretty common company? I did not find much on the bell site about it. It has a very nice LOUD sound. I was excited when I saw it. It is painted I don’t think that is a good thing, but I like it just the same. The bell has a 13 & 1/2 inch radius, and the mounting plate is 4 X 4 & 1/2. I think the eyelet that holds the clanger is not original, but I’m not sure. All thoughts would be appreciated.


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      This is a cast steel bell. I am not familiar with this company. The bracket appears to have been fabricated from a broken yoke, and a wall mount plate welded to the bearing of the half-yoke. This would put considerable weight on the cantilever and would likely pull screws out of a wooden post to which it was mounted. The lack of a ring on the clapper suggests that this was originally manufactured to be a rocking bell and not a stationary mounted post bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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      The full name of the company which made this bell may have been Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. That is the only name I know which contains “Bartlett”, and it would explain why the visible (part of the) name is on the right end of the yoke. An outline of the corporate history can be found here:

      It would be interesting to know what lettering (if any) is on the other side of this half yoke.

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