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      I have a bell made by the Baltimore Plow Company. Is this bell worth alot? I have never seen one like it before with that name. Its 14 inchs wide. I do not have the cradle but i have the bell , yoke clapper and crank

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      Neil Goeppinger

      It’s likely worth about $200 to $300. I have it’s smaller sister at 12″ diameter. Not many firms making iron or steel bells cast their name in the bell itself. They usually cast it in the yoke above the bell. The Baltimore Plow Co did, Montgomery Ward did, and so did J. L. Haven. — Neil Goeppinger

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      New to the site. I also have a Baltimore Plow Company bell.
      Bell diameter 21 3/4″
      Height 17″
      Across cradle 28″
      Wall thickness approx. 1/2″.
      Name of company and (size/style?) No. E located around bell skirt, cradle and initialed across yoke (BP E Co.)

      There is a lot more rust on one side of the bell compared to the other side. The top of the cradle has a piece broke off of it but no other damage or repairs noted. Clapper is intact.
      I have a little info on the company I found while researching the bell, but want to know if this bell is considered a Roland Farm Bell? I can’t find specific information on the Roland bells but have found where they were at least sold by the Baltimore Plow Co. along with “chilled” Roland plows.
      Also, if anyone has an idea what this bell is worth I would greatly appreciate the info. I have several more pictures if wanted.
      Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
      If you would like the info I have, just let me know and I’ll post what I have. Please note that this information was obtained by me through the internet. I tried to verify the info the best I could but cannot guarantee that it is all correct but it may help connect some dots!!!!
      Thanks again

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      I recently came into possession of a Baltimore Plow Company Bell. The Bell has a BP “C” on the Cradle. The Bell was that of my Gr. Grandfather or one of his sons. The Bell measures 16″ to the inside of the Bell or 17″ to the out side of the Bell. Heigth 10 1/2″ Is in relatively good shape. I had it sandblasted to remove many of the coats of paint and rust that had accumulated thru the years. The cradle had been broken and fixed with a flange on both sides thru the Cradle.
      Trying to determine if the C has any significance as to the dating and Foundry; Any information on the Manufacturer and possible ways to date the casting of the bell would be greatly appreciated.

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      I have brought my baltimore plow co bell down stairs tonight and it says on the yoke ” bp….b…. and its musical note is in d note. its around 14 inches wide at bottom and does not sound like the cs bell types. it has a clear sharp sound like their bells but its tone is different prob due to its particular shape. a very cute farm bell indeed

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