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      I recently found this little gem at the local flea market. Closest thing I’ve been able to find is a 1940 Aunt Jemima tea bell, but mine has a different face. No makers markers anywhere…
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Welcome to the site!
      Would it be possible to get some additional information?

      1. A Photo of the inside of the bell will be helpful. The type of clapper, thickness of the metal, etc. all gives us clues.
      2. Size helps. What are the measurements of the bell diameter and height? How long is the handle?
      3. Does the bell hold a magnet? strongly? weakly? – gives a hint of what metal it is.
      4. Is the handle wood all the way through? Celluloid/plastic? Can’t tell from the photo!

      Off hand, I suspect you are correct on age. Another place to look for it is on black/ethnic memorabilia sites as this is a cross discipline collectable!


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