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      I obtained this bell from the East Coast of Canada this summer.
      (a plug here: Travel by Train! Get a sleeper. You will find it’s the only Civilized way to travel! 8) )

      12.5 inches tall, 7 inches long, and about an inch wide (without the bell).
      Bell is 4.5 inches diameter, 3 inches high.

      It’s all of iron, the only replaced piece is the eye-bolt holding the bell/clapper to the stand.

      Made to be mounted on a wall, this unit was recovered from a motel where it acted like a door bell to the main desk area.

      Clapper is a ball on a big hook that hangs from the eye-bolt inside.

      Has stylized wheels (full on bottom , quarter on bell arm) and appears to be a dinner bell form.

      I am just starting to delve into the history of this bell form, so any suggestions, comments are appreciated!
      Otherwise enjoy looking at this find!


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