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      This is another from my collection that I know I have seen somewhere before. I seem to recall seeing a Black and White photo of it but the memory cells appear to be failing me.
      It appears to be an artisan working on building a cup or challis on a small anvil. What is unique about this, besides the wonderful intricacy of the molded handle, is that the eyes are actually enameled a very nice sky blue (doesn’t show well in the photos unfortunately).
      About 6 1/4″ to the top of the peaked hat, it’s 2 1/2″ in diameter. All brass, including clapper. Figure, figure’s stand with anvil, and bell appear to be done in a 3 part molding process, then lead or brass soldered together, depending on if it showed or not. They did miss soldering the figure’s feet under the base as you can see the holes where they were inserted from below.

      Anyone recognize it? I am guessing the 1960’s in age.


      Remember: Double click the photos to see larger format!

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